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Pledge Your Support

You (name of individual or law firm ), as a member of the Illinois State Bar or as an entity practicing law in the State of Illinois, am committed to the prevention of sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, and sexual assault (hereinafter, “sexual misconduct”) in all its forms, and hereby pledge to support and foster an Illinois legal community free from sexual misconduct. I/we pledge to:

  • Maintain a healthy and respectful environment free from discrimination based on gender to be inclusive of all attorneys, employees, colleagues, clients, and individuals.


  • Not tolerate any form of sexual misconduct within the workplace, court, legal seminars, continuing legal education programs, bar association events, or at any law firm sponsored events, which include but are not limited to images or sayings that objectify and degrade anyone based on gender.


  • To actively report all witnessed sexual misconduct to the appropriate authorities, including the ARDC.


  • To actively speak out in the moment, to the best of my ability, when I am a witness to sexual misconduct occurring within the Illinois legal community. 


  • Respect and abide by all laws, regulations, policies, and professional ethics provisions that address sexual misconduct that apply to both individual attorneys and employers within the Illinois legal community. 

Your name will be added to the list below to show support for the cause. Your email will always remain confidential.

Thanks for showing your support!

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